Mandisa works as an intuitive energy healer and body work therapist. The body work includes massage and access bars®️ that can be done separately or combined as per the package deals part of her offering. She describes the access bars®️, as a yoga nidra with no words.

All her training in working with bodies alongside being a yoga teacher, have assisted in providing the meditative techniques used for the body , thus allowing you the opportunity to safely rest, restore and heal. The massage techniques flow between firm to medium and softer pressure on the body, depending on how and where the energy is blocked.The purpose in this style of massage is used to bring comfort and safety in the body as it is her belief, that the body only opens and heals when it feels safe to do so.

The use of these techniques together with your yoga practice, gym/activities is best suited when combined to optimize your general well-being.



Justine offers one on one deep physical, mental & emotional self healing. Her approach is to lead the student to a state of calm equilibrium by integrating appropriate healing modalities, to meet specific individual needs.

These include: Yoga Asana (Yin, Restorative, Vinyasa), Breathwork & Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Sound Healing, Crystal & Essential Oil Healing, Quantum Energy Healing, Spiritual life style guidance.