I was aware of the beauty of the mind-body connection during my years of dancing and yearned to take it to a deeper level.  I began exploring yoga asana over 25 years ago, and was very deeply drawn to the essence of the practice:  BREATH.  

It was through the understanding of breathwork that I began to experience presence in my practice.  This is the essence of my approach to teaching. BREATH IS LIFE ! Yoga guides us back to our true nature, that which already exists within all of us: PEACE, LOVE, JOY, FREEDOM. 

My intention for each class, is to facilitate self healing by deepening the mind body connection, through the practice of threading breath with movement.  That sense of coming back to ourselves & tapping into our own powerful natural healing tools. Feeling self empowered with the self knowledge & self realization, that we are our own healers. 

*500hrs RYT