Mandisa Nduli is a 33 year old Durbanite, who resides in Cape Town. She is a qualified Civil Engineer who has evolved into what she calls, a holistic engineer for the past 8 years. This holistic engineering includes, but is not exclusive to qualifications in 500RYT (Yoga), mindfulness/meditation, massage, access bars ®️ and plant medicine. Her style of yoga teaching is based strongly in Hatha and is infused with other styles  including yin, flow, restorative etc. This is usually adapted to each client (private) and/or group class. 

If you don’t find her on the mat teaching, she is either practicing yoga, reading, writing, dancing , in nature alone or with loved ones trying to fill her cup.  She believes in the art of simplicity and loves to create a space, to feel the wholeness of any experience. Don’t miss out on connecting with her on her mat. You will feel her gentle yet assertive nature. It is a welcoming invitation to feel parts of your body you forgot existed, you will laugh, you will play and mostly you will learn from a curious perspective. Her philosophy is geared towards simplifying your practice so you can simplify your life.

*500hrs RYT