As a pathfinder in Yoga and denizen of Prāṇāyāma, Lara is a student of the Soul journey. She is based in Cape Town and brings a heart of knowledge and experience to her unique style of teaching. To know Lara is to know her energy, her irrepressible spirit, her lightness and her grace.

She has a strength in her softness that resonates through her practice. The connection she has to life is amplified through her yoga, exploring the heart, mind and soul connection of moving meditation.

Lara brings an openness to her practice that encourages the exploration of individual truth. Her teachings aspire to open one’s heart and mind, letting the world go, while being mindful of the present moment. 

She focuses on encouraging her students to learn more, to go deeper and invest in themselves through a variety of ‘yoga school’ elements, through workshops, yoga intensives and month long immersions of the practice. She has also co taught as one of the lead teachers on teacher’s training here in Cape Town. 

Lara Roux has trained with many top teachers, locally and internationally and completed her first 200 hour Vinyasa teacher training in 2011 in Cape Town. 

Beyond the grace of flow, the depth of breath and the joy of practice, it is the soul connection we experience on our mat that is the essence of yoga. It is from this connection that I teach. In every practice, I am humbled and amazed at how a simple step inside the four corners of a mat can transform a life. How the practice of yoga can create a deeper understanding of who and where we are. It is these elements that fuel the passion of my own practice and drive me to share that deep seeded love with others.

*500hrs RYT