I am a naturalist by nature, a curious scientist wanting to explore the world and gain beneficial wisdom. With consistent practice, yoga has become a way of connecting me to my innate human nature.

I first turned to yoga to seek healing, and a sustainable method of developing endurance and strength in the body. So that the body may move more freely through this world.

Soon after starting, my yoga practice deepened. It was much more than aesthetically-pleasing shapes. It became training for everyday life; a means to get into my body and learn more about myself. As we learn to breathe through uncomfortable positions on the mat, we start breathing through discomfort in everyday life. This can lead to decisions that feel more aligned with what we actually want.

My yoga practice is mainly Hatha Yoga based with slow flow vinyasa, breath-work and meditation. I had the pleasure of completing my 500 hour yoga teacher training at The Shala in Cape Town.

Yoga practice has afforded me a lot of self-knowledge which has led to more freedom and comfort just being in my own body. It has been a valuable journey and I want to share what I’ve learnt so far.

Using the practice of yoga, I wish to guide my students through their bodies and hold space for them to explore their own unique human nature.

*500hrs RYT